NCM Wireless has the knowledge and experience needed to create the perfect marketing strategy for each product. From creating and marketing matrixes to managing the most efficient campaign, NCM Wireless is able to provide the results that measure up to real success.

Marketing Strategies
Investor Services

NCM Wireless is offering investors access to an extremely profitable market. Thanks to our ability to navigate successfully in this dynamic market, an investor can see returns that are usually seen only in risky investments, but without the risk.


Being informed is critical for making smart tactical decisions. NCM Wireless is equipped with the tools to monitor any campaign in real time. This is extremely important when entering a market as dynamic as mobile devices etc. Our partners can tap-in to our monitoring system and benefit from the real time status of their investment.

End to End Service

We provide our end to end business model to every customer using our affiliate companies to ensure a successful transaction. NCM invests, buys, distributes, markets, sells, and drives profits for reinvestment. 



NCM Wireless is committed to provide world class service and are proud to be trusted by both buyers and sellers around the globe. We currently buy and sell into 48 different countries. Wholesalers and investors can benefit from the company's wide network of sales operations.

We specialize in high demand products. The company is constantly involved in the dynamic market of the most current and popular items. Mobile devices, computers, game consoles and more.

NCM’s vision is to help wholesalers stay on top of an ever changing global market by delivering the most sought-after products. As one of the leading brokers in the industry, we can always be trusted to provide our customers with the right products at the right time.



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